Hong Kong, bedankt

Over een paar uur vlieg ik terug naar Sydney om te beginnen met data analyseren en schrijven. Ik heb ruim tien maanden in Hong Kong gewoond – een stad met zoveel tegenstellingen, en altijd interessant. Bij deze een kleine ode aan Hong Kong of deze regio te bedanken voor:

Hong Kong, bedankt:
For the people I got to meet
at churches and temples,
at coffee bars and other bars,
on the street and at sea,
that inspired me and shared with me,
that made me laugh and think,
and that made me feel welcome.

For its proximity to the mainland
which allowed me to travel to wonderful places,
visiting friends and exploring myself,
inspiring me and allowing me to dream about the future.

For its openness to all people
and its welcoming nature,
that allowed lovely people to visit me
and me to visit lovely people.

For its religious diversity
through which I got to learn more about Buddhism,
experience Catholicism in a different context,
and gain new insights in my own understanding of The World.

For the animals I met
on walks and on explorations:
the many butterflies in different colors and sizes,
the dolphins and occasional monkeys,
the fish, cows, dogs and cats
(all of them, except for the cockroaches living in our apartment)

For Mother Nature,
that – inspite of being heavenly exploited –
was still able to show me her beauty in trees and flowers,
her strenght in rainstorms and blistering sun,
her wise wideness in the sea,
and her firmess in banyan trees and mountains.

For the food
from every corner of the world,
Western and Asian,
cheap and good quality,
for whatever I felt like eating

For the many moment I spent
reading, walking, writing, thinking, being silent, admiring, laughing, crying, listening, talking, sharing, swimming, shopping, watching, tasting;
the many moment I spent
feeling nervous, happy, sad, anxious, tired, insecure;
and the many moments I spent
losing my way and finding it back.


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