Having my fortune told

One of the things you have to do as a foreigner in Hong Kong is go to a fortune teller. And so me and my friends sat down at a small table at the Temple Street Night Market a few night ago, in front of an older middle aged man, to have him look at our palms, facial features and birth dates, and to have him tell us what kind of fortune our future will bring us. Here’s a summary of what the fortune teller told me about my fortune.

You are the element of Fire, which means you have an honest, faithful and kind character. However, sometimes your appearance is too strong, and people easily misunderstand you. You are clever enough, but you don’t have much self-confidence. You must know how to use your potential to the fullest. Your heart line is long, which means you are honest, enthusiastic and emotional. Also, since you are a Fire person, pink and red are your lucky colors. Don’t chose black as your main color in your house, and also don’t drive a black car.

Last year was not a good year for you. It was the year of the Water Dragon, and your luck went up and down like waves. This year you have many things that are worrying you. Sometimes when you go to bed it’s not easy to fall asleep. You think too much and have some worries, but at least they are not big worries. Next year is the year of the Wood Horse, and the wood will increase your Fire energy (as a kind of fuel). Therefore next year, after Summer, good fortune will come to you, both for your love life and for money matters. Your eyes are short, which means that you will have a good suitable life around the age of 35 to 40; that will be your first golden period.

You come from a good family, although it’s not a very rich family. There is not a large generation gap between you and the rest of your family, and you all get along. You have fallen in love earlier, but you are not able to keep the relationship with your first lover – that’s finished. This is because your heart line and your marriage line are not close to each other. A late marriage (after the age of 28 or 29) is best for you. Because you are a Fire person, you should get married in summer. You will find a good husband, but make sure is not small and fat. Bigger and stronger than you is better. Also, choose someone who is at least five to ten years older than you. This is suitable for you, because you need somebody to take care of you. If he has got a mature mind, he can take good care of you. Also, you will easily get jealous when your lover is younger and he is talking to other younger women. You will have at least two children. Having babies is not hard for you, because the groove between your nose and lips is deep and wide. But remember that quality is better than quantity. One child might be best for you. The second one (maybe she will be a girl) can become a little bit naughty and you will have to spend a lot of time to take care of her.

During your childhood years, your health was not very strong. Nowadays, your health is much better. You will live a very long life. You have got a good upturned chin, which is an important feature regarding old age. Your cheekbones are proportional to each other, which means it will bring you good luck when you’re in your fifties. But I should advise you to not drink too much, especially not strong alcohol over 30 percent. This kind of alcohol will have a bad influence on your abdomen. You have to take care of this organ to stay healthy – then you will also be wealthy. You must pay attention to keeping yourself fit. If you keep your health well, good fortune will definitely come.

Up to now, your financial situation is not yet very good. Your compatibility is not matched with your income yet, and you haven’t gotten the chance yet to earn more money. You will not have good money before the age of 30. Between the age of 31 to 34, you will gain more wealth – I can see this because your eyebrows are good. They are pressing your eyes a little bit which indicates that whatever wealth you will have will come from your own doing and not from the support of your parents or other close relations. However, your cheekbones are not well matched with your powerful, high nose bridge. This means that around the age of 46 or 47, you will be the host of your house, but that this is not a good period to enlarge your business outside. Remember that if you have money at this age, do not become too powerful but remember Steve Job’s idiom: “Stay hungry”. You have to stay hungry to learn new things; don’t think you know everything, but stay humble.

You can travel a lot, and you will have a lot of changes to travel. It is not good for you to travel for longer periods in north-eastern parts of the world, since it is too cold there. If you will take on an adventure to Russia or Siberia, you will suffer a lot. Of course, short traveling is fine, but not long term. Southern countries, like Australia or New Zealand, are good for you, or eastern cities like Miami, New York and Washington.

All in all, you will live a long life, and every year will be a lit bit better, step by step.


5 thoughts on “Having my fortune told

  1. Hahaha toch fijn om te horen dat Australie goed voor je is! Al is het dat naar mijn idee voor iedereen 😉

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