The Priest and the minibus driver

At the end of their lives, a Hong Kong priest and a Hong Kong minibus driver arrive at the gates of Heaven together. The priest of course thinks he can go in first and that he will get the deluxe treatment in Heaven. After all, he has spend his whole life serving God and preaching His words on earth. However, the angel at the gates calls the minibus driver to enter first; instead, he is given the deluxe treatment. The priest is upset and starts to complain to the angel, indicating that he is the one that has served God for hiss entire life. The angel however says: “You are right, you have served the Lord for most of your life. But your church was mostly empty, and there were not a lot of people who were praying. The minibus driver attracted people for more than twenty years of his life. His bus was always full with passengers, who prayed continuously, every day.”

A joke told by an Anglican priest. It says more about the way minibus drivers drive in this city than about the position of the church, because one thing in this joke is – in my eyes – incorrect: churches in Hong Kong are all but empty!


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