A Chinese family legend

I am in the bus back home. I just got back from the fully restored and upgraded (by HK$20m, about two million Euro’s) Che Kung Temple. It was a relaxing day, with beautifully acrobatic lion and dragon dances in the morning, traditional Chinese candy in the afternoon, and a tour through the old and new temple by one member of the Chinese Temple Committee.

One of the features that is added extra to the temple are sixty panels made of clay; 36 of these represent usefull military strategies (which to me feels a little bit odd to have in a temple), the other 24 represent famous Chinese legends in which children have shown their love for their parents and elders. The picture above was explained to me my the member of the Chinese Temple Committee. He told me that ‘this one is a little bit stupid’:

Once upon a time, there was a family, living in poor condition in a small house. It was a hot day. The father was already sleeping, but his son kept himself awake by studying. The son had taken his shirt off. This way, the mosquitos in the room would come to him and bite him, not his father. His father could hence continue sleeping peacefully.

Indeed, a ‘little bit stupid’. I don’t hope my parents will expect this of me one day…


One thought on “A Chinese family legend

  1. Hej Mariske,

    Ik vond je vorige website al mooi, maar deze met als headline een gave foto vind ik ook steengoed!
    Liefs vanuit Oz,

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